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Sowing the seeds of serenity

Dive in the shed and pull out the spade, investing in your garden is investing in yourself. Spend a little time here and it'll be more than just your plants that grow. What compassion you put in, you'll get back out; your self-esteem will receive a boost.

The physical energy exerted in tending to our plots helps us to burn calories, strengthens our heart and helps to release dopamine. 

Gardening is great if you need a little me time but it can also become a family activity which will teach your children many valuable skills (patience, nurture, where their food comes from, how plants grow, which plants are toxic and how plants benefit nature to name a few).

Did you ever consider gardening as a financial investment too? Save money on food by growing your own. To save the most cash, grow vegetables that are expensive to buy and vegetables that you can easily store or preserve by canning, freezing, dehydrating, or pickling.

There are many aspects of the garden and gardening, that create a soothing feeling. For more information on how you might awaken your senses, follow this link for some inspiration and get some dirt under your fingernails: