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My Approach

Sometimes life is full of events and experiences that just get on top of us and can leave us feeling stuck. By drawing on a variety of skills and theories, we can work alongside each other to meet your goals and find a way forward that best suits you. 

I use a Humanistic Integrative Counselling approach to offer one to one, short term and long term talking therapy, meaning the approach used will be specific to your needs, keeping you at the centre of the process. Where appropriate, CBT techniques can be incorporated. 

Counselling and Psychotherapy tools: Danielle Tomlinson

I believe we all have potential for change and if given the right opportunity, we can find resolution and move toward a happier life. Humanistic therapies focus on personal development and growth, and are founded on an empathic understanding, dignity and respect. They help us to recognise our inner strengths, enabling us to create alternative choices in the 'here and now'.

My practice, based in Bournemouth, provides a safe, confidential environment, where we can work together to help you find solutions to your issues and move toward a happy and fulfilling future. 

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