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Privacy Policy

As part of my privacy policy, I will always keep any information provided through this website confidential.

I will not contact you unless you indicate that you would like me to do so e.g. by sending me an email or telephoning me and I am the only person to have access to your information.

If there are changes to the privacy policy, I will post those changes on this page so that you are always aware of what information I collect and how I use it.


Privacy for private clients:
During our counselling relationship together information will be gathered regarding the nature of the issues you are presenting along with logistical and contact information.  The privacy of this information is of upmost importance to the trust we build in the counselling relationship.  Minimum information shall be recorded if absolutely necessary and not shared with any third party except in the event of a court subpoena. Any information record can be shared with you at your request.

Payment card details cannot be recorded as I cannot view your full card details.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact for clarification.

GDPR Specific Information:

- What do you do with contact details made via the website? (phone or email)

I store email addresses and phone numbers confidentially for the purpose of contact during the time you are in therapy. Once therapy has discontinued your details will be deleted digitally. I keep paper records for a period of 5 years in a locked file which is a requirement of my insurance. Once this period has passed all paper data will be destroyed. 

- How long will you retain it?

Digital data will be removed as soon as therapy has discontinued. All paper copies shall be retained for 5 years in keeping with my insurance requirements.

- How and why are you collecting data?

I collect data for the purpose of the therapy and for communication purposes.

- How do you want people to let you know if they do not wish for their information to be kept? 

If you choose for your information to not be stored this will impact your eligibility for treatment as Danielle Tomlinson Counselling and Psychotherapy needs your contact information in order to arrange treatment. 


- Note keeping: All notes are kept electronically under a password protected file. The notes are minimal and for supervision purposes. 

- Access to Information
sers are legally entitled to a copy of the information held about them at any time. I will be happy to provide this information at any time. Please contact me at for details.



Complaints relating to the handling of personal information may be referred to the Information Commissioner who can be contacted at

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